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Apopka Dentist Dr. Suzanne Davidson received both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University Of Florida Gainesville.  She is a member of  the Florida Dental Association, American Dental Association and the Academy Of General Dentistry. Practicing DENTISTRY in APOPKA for 17 years.

Conservative Apopka Dentist.

Dr. Davidson practices minimally invasive dentistry. What this philosophy means is that, in spite of being trained in how to restore your teeth with fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, or whatever else, Dr. Davidson tries to not do any of that if it is at all possible. A sealant to prevent a cavity is better than a filling. A small filling is better than a larger one. A filling is better than a crown. Saving a tooth is better than replacing it.

So Minimally Invasive Apopka Dentistry involves Dr. Davidson studying and constantly striving to perfect techniques that will allow her to make the least possible alteration to your teeth. It's a high respect for the tooth structure that nature gave you and a desire to preserve it as much as possible.


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